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There is an old saying in China:
"A thousand mile journey starts with one small step". Mastering your favorite instrument may seem too difficult for you,
but by imitating an accomplished tutor one small step (2 Measures) at a time, you can confidently begin your journey. You can then use what you've learned as your home base, and move on to your destiny (or whatever you are to accomplish).

2 Measures at a Time ™ is a series of home study programs designed for people who would like to learn a particular instrument but do not have access to a tutor nearby, or who prefer the convenience and advantages of studying at home.

The 2 Measures at a Time ™ method is based on the natural learning process of imitation and repetition. The instructional book and CDs in your program contain lessons led by an accomplished tutor. You can go at your own pace, repeat each lesson as many times as you wish, and get feedback from your tutor by mail, email, audiotape, or phone.

Recommendation by Mr. David Wechsler, President of the New York Flute Club.

Read an Interview with Tim Liu, one of our 2Measures instructors.

Learn more about the 2 Measures at a Time method in a New York Flute Club Newsletter interview with one of our instructors. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

2 Measures programs for the Dizi
(Chinese Bamboo Flute)

Dizi, Chinese Bamboo Flute
Learn about this instrument by reading our
Dizi Information Page.

NEW! Dizi Series #3:
Dimo selection, pasting, and adjusting is a vital part of Dizi's tone quality, yet lots of beginner Dizi players cover the MoKong (Membrane hole) with all kinds of paper, then wonder "Why does my Dizi sound funny?".
This video is boiled down from over 25 years of Dimo pasting experience. In 35 minutes Tim Liu will show and tell you all you need to know about the Dizi's Dimo. More information...

Dizi Series #1:
No Experience? This program is designed for beginner to intermediate level Dizi players. Tim Liu's goal is to build a platform from which to advance your Dizi playing. You will learn: how to paste the membrane, read numeric scales, make your first sound, and learn to play nine Chinese folk songs 2 Measures at a Time™. More information...
Listen to the first step of your musical journey: Real Audio or MP3
And this is where Tim Liu's Program will take you: Real Audio or MP3
Learn more about the 2 Measures at a Time method and this instructor in a New York Flute Club Newsletter article. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Dizi Series #2:

Advanced Woodwind Players: Dizi master Chen Tao learned this famous piece directly from its composer Liu Guan Ye, and it became one of his concert favorites. Audiences wonder: "how can a 6 hole flute make bird calls like that?". Now you can learn to play this famous piece 2 Measures at a Time™. More Information...
Listen to a sample: Real Audio or MP3

Personal messages for:
Families with children from China
Professional Woodwind players
Chinese-American Parents
Friends who read Chinese

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